EVERAIR donates new jerseys for Reusrath juniors

2 Oct

EVERAIR donates new jerseys for Reusrath juniors

By donating a complete, high-quality jersey set, EVERAIR GmbH has made the D2 Juniors of SC Germania Reusrath look radiant. The definitely intended side effect: With the donation EVERAIR and Managing Director Frank Müller also honour the work and exemplary attitude of the active youth trainer Ado Kojo, who successfully conveys important values to the kids in addition to the basics of modern football.

Sporting success and football technical training are only two aspects of contemporary children’s and youth training. “In our daily work as well as with football teams, it’s all about working together and creating something together,” says Frank Müller. “And coach Ado Kojo really does a great job of leading the boys and teaching them important values in addition to football”. Nationalities, religions and social status don’t play a role in the team, Kojo makes sure of that, and is therefore the best possible coach for their children’s parents.

In the task of sparking the necessary portion of sporting ambition in the Reusrath kickers, the trainer receives energetic support from the sporting environment of the SC Germania Reusrath club. They are proud to support the adolescent youth soccer players to such an extent that some of them still have the chance to be accommodated in the performance centres of the top clubs. The Bundesliga professional Mahmoud Dahoud played in his early youth in Reusrath and finally made it, via Fortuna Düsseldorf and Borussia Mönchengladbach, to the German U21 national team and into the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund.

For the D2 juniors from Reusrath this is still a very, very long way, of course, and a lot of things have to fit together. But the breeding ground for the sporting career is already prepared – and the team now also has new and awesome jerseys.